Waterrower Warranty Best On The Market

rs172_s_waterrower_23251Not only is the WaterRower rowing machine one of the best and hottest pieces of exercise equipment on the market today, but it comes with one of the best, most comprehensive warranty packages. When you purchase you WaterRower rowing machine, you are also getting a great warranty to ensure that you can use your WaterRower for years to come and get the most out of this phenomenal piece of equipment.


The WaterRower rowing machine is available in a variety of models and designs to compliment any home or fitness space. Regardless of which model you choose, your WaterRower comes with a one year warranty from the initial date of shipment from WaterRower. This warranty can be upgraded to a three year warranty on all components and a five year warranty on all wooden elements. In order to upgrade to the three and five year warranties, you must register your within the first year of purchase. WaterRower’s warranty is applicable to both private and commercial purchases. …read more

WaterRower Accessories

machine-manuverThe WaterRower is sleek yet simple, eloquent yet functional piece of workout equipment that comes fully equipped to help you reach your physical goals. It is a high performance piece of exercise machinery that comes with everything you need for a complete body workout. If you so desire, WaterRower also offers accessories to help you further your workout goals and monitor your progress more closely.


WaterRower features various accessories to improve your rowing experience. The S4 Heart Rate Monitor allows you to monitor your exercise intensity, calculate your maximum heart rate, your resting heart rate, target heart rate, fat burning heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic training heart rates. By using the S4 Heart Rate Monitor you can better gauge if you meeting your work out goals. If you are working towards weight management or fat burning you will want to work out at a certain exercise intensity level. If your desired work out goal is cardiovascular or aerobic, your work out intensity will be higher than weight management. And if you are looking for an anaerobic work out, designed for fatigue tolerance, you will want to work out at the highest intensity level. The S4 Heart Rate Monitor can help you calculate at what rate of intensity you are working out. …read more

Rowing Machines and Types of Resistance

rs96_water_rower_studio232Rowing is one of the best exercises due to the fact that it targets so many muscles at the same time, working your upper body, lower body, and your core muscles, while also providing a great aerobic work out. Rowing machines come in a wide variety of styles but all break down into four categories based on the type of resistance they use to create the work out. The four types of resistance for rowing machines are air, magnetic, hydraulic, and water.


Some things to consider when selecting the type of water machine that is best for you are noise, the type of floor your rower will be on, and the type of work out you want to experience. Air resistance rowers can be noisy and hydraulic rowers can develop annoying squeaks after awhile, making both the magnetic and the water resistance rowers the quietest of the options. If you’re going to have your rower on a hard wood floor, you may want to put a mat underneath it to lessen the vibration from the machine, which will also quiet the noise. If you’re using your rower in a small space, the way the machine can be stored will also be a concern. Apart from these issues, here’s a quick guide to the differences between the four types of resistance for rowing machines. …read more

WaterRower Manual and Videos

rs100_wri5319Congratulations on becoming the owner of a WaterRower rowing machine, one of the best pieces of workout equipment available. The WaterRower is a high quality rowing machine, designed to give you the best workout possible and strengthen your overall body, arms, legs, and core muscles. The WaterRower has become more popular over the past few years thanks to the Netflix original series House of Cards, staring Kevin Spacey and Robin Penn, who both use the WaterRower throughout the show. The WaterRower is an easy to use piece of equipment that comes with an amazing warranty and clear instructions on use, storage, and maintenance.


Since 1987, when WaterRower released the first model of the machine, the company has gone on to produce various other models, all of the same caliber as the original. The S4+Xeno, A1+GX, M1 Lo+HiRise, S1, and the original S3 are all available through WaterRower and are either manufactured in the Rhode Island facility or the London facility. …read more

House of Cards’ Breakout Star Might Be A Rowing Machine

While it’s probably not a great idea to emulate Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood from the Netflix hit House of Cards, some fans are interested in copying one trait of the antagonist’s personality: his habit of rowing with a WaterRower brand rowing machine.


The Machiavellian Underwood is capable of lying, deceit, and even murder, but fans are looking past that at his work habits and becoming inspired. …read more

60 Year Old Is Living Proof: Fitness Has No Age

If you take a fitness class with Ruth Hernandez, you’d likely think she was in her 20’s based on how much energy she has. She’s quick on her feet and has a clear passion for fitness, which makes believing that she’s in her 60’s all the difficult. According to Ruth, it’s all thanks to exercise.


Hernandez says she bounces up in the mornings, filled with energy, but it’s not just her body that is benefiting, it’s her mind and memory as well. …read more

The Least Likely Star To Emerge From House of Cards A Rowing Machine

The Netflix original series, House of Cards, staring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright is helping a new star emerge amidst the backdrop of scandal, intrigue, and politics that the show centers around.


The WaterRower, a rowing machine known for its wooden design and a donut-shaped water tank at the front of the machine, has gained fame through repeat appearances in the popular show as the main characters turn to the machine to work out their frustrations when their plans and schemes don’t work out. The show, about to start its fourth season features the WaterRower on a regular basis and the rowing machine even appears in the dreams of Frank Underwood, played by Spacey. …read more

Exercise Keeps Muscles, And You, Young

Want to secret to staying strong as you age? The research is in and the “secret” is out: superb fitness. A new study has found that elderly people who were elite athletes in their youth, or even later in life, and who have continued to compete as master athletes have healthier muscles, at the cellular level, than non-athletes.


Geoff Power, a professor in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences  at the University of Guelph, has found that elderly people, who competed as athletes in their younger years, whether it was in the youth or a bit later in life, tend to have healthier muscles the older they get. At the cellular level, their muscles are stronger than those elderly people who did compete as athletes at any point in their lives. …read more

How To Use a Smith Machine

Throughout most major gyms and home gyms across the country, you’re likely to find the Smith Machine, a piece of equipment that, if used correctly can be a great addition to your workout. Like any piece of fitness machinery though, if used incorrectly, you could injure yourself, so it’s important to get to know this piece of equipment and see if it’s right for you.


Getting into a solid workout routine can be a fun challenge and adding new equipment and new goals can keep working out fun and interesting, but adding something without knowing what you’re doing can be dangerous, so if you’ve never used the Smith Machine before, take a minute to figure out if it’s right for you. …read more

Consumer Report: Elliptical Machines and Treadmills

Getting fit can happen in a lot of different ways but nothing beats the standard old method a good run. Running is the gold standard for cardiovascular exercise and running is a great way to get in shape. Based on where you live and lifestyle limitations, going for a run outdoors isn’t always an option, so investing in a treadmill can be a solid move to help your overall health. Since treadmills can be costly, in the thousands of dollar range, getting a good one is important. Thanks to Consumer Reports, you can find the right treadmill for you and get on your way to getting fit. …read more